Our Services


We source the finest materials for interior or exterior applications. The criteria for selecting materials for applications such as marble, granite, natural stones depend on their technical specifications. We are able to supply any quantity of marble, granite, quartz or any other decorative stone, both for residential and commercial markets with custom stone fabrication and creative art designs.


The aesthetic value of our materials is highlighted by their excellent technical treatment. The output of the factory includes square marble slabs of various thicknesses and squared marble tiles. We can accommodate orders for custom sizes of both tiles and marble slabs. All of our constructions such as flooring, stairs, fireplaces, special constructions are executed in a way that guarantees their perfect application in your space.


Our experienced craftsmen carry out any installation of marble or granite, regardless of scale or complexity of the project. We ensure the that the placement of materials in residential or business premises is always done within the agreed time frame.

Stone Care

Each natural stone requires specific care and maintenance.  We combine exclusive products with tried-and-true methods and products for an ultimate result of providing solutions for all your stone care needs. We endeavor to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, and it is our goal to bring that same spirit to our customers.