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  • our marble

    Marble is the material directly related to the Greek cultural heredity..
    The word derives from the ancient marble " marmaros" that means "bright"..

    This material is preferred by architecture and sculpture, holding undisputed leading role because in addition to the beauty and sense of luxury that contributes to emit heat and sound insulation of space used. Choose what suits you from a wide variety of colors.

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  • works

    efarmogesMarble is a natural "alchemistic" product..

    It may acquire and change shape, acquire the properties and characteristics of the environment in which it was created, while maintaining the individuality and uniqueness. Today's advanced technology confirms that this material is amazingly adaptable.

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  • offers

    offersOpportunities for quality stock and economy

    Take advantage of our offers for all your small or large scale projects with materials of incomparable beauty and top quality.

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  • articles


    Interesting articles from all around the world
    Learn about issues related to marble and construction. New technologies and new trends in design and scientific research.

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