Ili & Ktirio

Seitanidis Marble & Granites was the marble and granite supplier and installation company, contributing to the construction of the ERNST & YOUNG new offices, in Athens, Greece.

The new offices of EY (former Ernst & Young) in Athens were designed in an existing office building on Chimarras St. in Maroussi. The building, a total of 65.00m2 constructed on 6 levels in 2007, had to be adapted to the needs of the company through a more sustainable design.
In such a big company, the reception, which here is located in a very impressive 3 story height space, is an important focal point. We used travertine combined with Nero Marquina marble. In bathrooms, we used Greek marble Argos and in some others, we took advantage of quartz surfaces durability, for the bathrooms countertops.
The design approach was that of open spaces. Those are interrupted by restricted closed spaces to avoid vast spaces disconnected from the human scale. This new logic in the design of the offices was based on the philosophy of hoteling, where each employee can use any office. This idea was chosen to facilitate the mobility of a lot of EY employees that either work out of the office, work from home, or are on leave. This way, the company saves space since it is never necessary to accommodate all its personnel at its offices.
All meetings are made in specially designated meeting rooms made to accommodate smaller of bigger size meetings. Smaller spaces (just in time) provide a more private environment for phone communications with clients. More informal areas for rest and socializing  (collaboration areas) were dealt with separately and have a distinctive identity inside the office spaces.